Whales in Japanese Culture

mp33/3/10 Whales in Japanese Culture


Yoko Morimoto and Gyongi Plucer-Rosario, UMUC faculty members on Guam, preview their upcoming lecture on whales in Japanese culture. Why does Japan insist on continuing whaling “for research”? Why is there such an outcry regarding whales when other species are even more endangered?


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One response to “Whales in Japanese Culture

  1. i think it’s unfair to try to combine the whale issue to other endangered species issues.

    we can help one, we can help them all.

    however, as it comes to whales –

    the reason we have them on a “higher”pedestal, is simply, they are brilliant animals. they are sentient beings that are perfect for their home.
    and these giant beings, with brains as complex as the human brain, have been DESTROYED by the human race.
    their blood is on our hands.

    does this make the terrible destruction of Tuna any less important? obviously, not. however, it’s a very similar story. overfishing by one or two countries.
    in this case, one corporation controls over half the tuna in the world.

    we can no longer exploit the other residents of the planet to the brink. we are destroying the earth for even the next generation and certainly, the generation after that.

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