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Whales in Japanese Culture

mp33/3/10 Whales in Japanese Culture


Yoko Morimoto and Gyongi Plucer-Rosario, UMUC faculty members on Guam, preview their upcoming lecture on whales in Japanese culture. Why does Japan insist on continuing whaling “for research”? Why is there such an outcry regarding whales when other species are even more endangered?


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The Bridge Program: Japanese students cross over to an American university

mp38/21/09 The Bridge Program

Bridge ProgramBridge Program Coordinator Jackie Cillizza explains how UMUC Asia’s Bridge Program is helping local national students in Okinawa and at Misawa AB get started on their degrees. Then, program participants Tomoko Kelley, Kazumi Maekouchi, and Yuko Matsukawa talk about the backgrounds they bring to the program and where they hope to go from here.

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