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Studying with Cancer

Aki Summers
mp311/7/11 Studying with Cancer

MSgt Aki Summers, a single parent and UMUC student in Korea, was faced with a new challenge last winter when she was diagnosed with cancer in her small intestine. Hear how she educated herself about her cancer as she overcame it through treatment.

Read MSgt Summers’ article on the PACAF Web site


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mp39/28/10 Bullying

Bullying among kids has probably existed for as long as there have been schools, but our data on it and understanding of ways to stop it have grown. Timothy Quezada, faculty member in Okinawa, tells us about the impacts of bullying (including cyber-bullying), how to recognize it, and how to stop it.

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Oil in the Gulf: The Effects on Wildlife

mp39/9/10 Oil in the Gulf

The recent BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico resulted in many images in the media of oil-covered birds. The leak is stopped and the oil is out of the headlines, but the effects on wildlife continue, and will for years to come. Jill Rolfe, a UMUC instructor at Misawa AB, Japan, talks about some of the ongoing and anticipated effects of the oil on wildlife. Also, what does it take to get oil off a bird?

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Two Guam Students

mp33/18/10 Two Guam Students

Eric O'Neal Joshua Brownhill

Meet two UMUC students on Guam: Eric O’Neal and Joshua Brownhill.

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The History of Leon McCrillis

mp33/9/10 The History of Leon McCrillis

Leon McCrillis

Leon McCrillis has taught for UMUC Asia for almost 30 years, in the Philippines and Guam. He talks about his own history with UMUC, as well as American, Guamanian, and medieval European history.

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Whales in Japanese Culture

mp33/3/10 Whales in Japanese Culture


Yoko Morimoto and Gyongi Plucer-Rosario, UMUC faculty members on Guam, preview their upcoming lecture on whales in Japanese culture. Why does Japan insist on continuing whaling “for research”? Why is there such an outcry regarding whales when other species are even more endangered?

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Elmendorf Troops become Guam Students

mp32/22/10 Elmendorf Troops become Guam Students


Troops from Elmendorf AFB, Alaska were recently deployed to Guam in support of the F-22 Raptor stealth fighters. What to do in their down time? How about continue their education? This episode reports on how the Elmendorf troops became Guam UMUC students, on a very quick turnaround.

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